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Unknown Beer House—Thornton Street?

A long line of references in trade directories and other sources point towards the existence of another lost pub in Barrow. It was a simple ‘beer-house’, i.e. a premises licensed to sell beer only, and only on the premises, instigated by an 1830 act of parliament. I have no other information regarding this house however, despite extensive searches of the online newspapers. I feel sure someone will enlighten me.

The fact that Mr Hewson – the long-standing keeper of the beer-house, was also listed as a maltster on several occasions may suggest that the beer-house was adjacent to his maltings, unless he simply worked at one of the other maltings in the area.

He is mentioned in the newspapers on several occasions, for example in March 1844 John Hewson, a beer-house keeper of Barrow upon Humber, paid expenses for opening his house on a Sunday morning. He was later recorded in the 1851 census as a tailor in Lords Lane (England Street in brackets?) but its exact location is a mystery. Further trade directory and census returns note he was a beer retailer and tailor.

1841 — John Frank (Census - publican)

… as Mr Frank was listed as a publican, it’s unlikely that he was linked to this beer-house. A publican was usually in charge of a larger premises such as a public house or an inn or hotel. He is listed here for record only, and could be related to another Barrow pub. The 1841 census sadly gives no details of address or location.

1842 — John Hewson, beer-house, Barrow
1849 — John Hewson, tailor & beer retailer
1855 — John Hewson, tailor & beer retailer
1856 — John Hewson, beer-house
1858 — John Hewson, beer-house
1861 — John Hewson (?) (Census – maltster, Thornton Street)
1863 — John Hewson, beer retailer
1871 — John Hewson (Census) listed as a maltster in Thornton Street

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