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Barton Wine merchants and Off Licences

Off Licences and Wine & Spirit Merchants

Many if not all of Barton’s pubs would have had a ‘Bottle & Jug’ department, where ale could be taken away from the premises for consumption elsewhere. However it was increasingly common from the end of the 19th century, for independent off-licences to be established. Their counterpart, the wine & spirit merchant, was also well represented in Barton. In the modern day all of these beverages can be obtained from a variety of sources from the local petrol station to the few independent smaller shops that remain.

King Street

No.11 King Street was licensed as a beer-off, according to the licensing records held in the North East Lincolnshire Archives office at Grimsby (now the Halifax Estate Agent?) The following references illustrate what a long-standing business it has been:

1882 — Isaac Ellis, beer house & tobacconist, 11 King Street
1893 — William George Gray, tobacconist & beer retailer, King Street
1896-1900 — Thompson Parks, tobacconist & beer retailer, King Street
1905-1913 — Thomas Parks, beer retailer, 11 King Street
1919-1937 — Albert Parks, beer retailer, 11 King Street
1940 — Parks ale & porter stores, 11 King Street
1961-1965 — G M Smith, 11 King Street
1967-1979 — M H & D Withrington, off licence 11 King Street
1985 — Wine Sellers, King Street


No.40 Newport Street was licensed as a beer-off (licensing records 1932-1974) and therefore it can be assumed that any other references for Newport Street almost certainly refer to the off-licence rather than any lost pub.

1885-1893 — Julia Gall, grocer & beer retailer, Newport Street
1896 — Mrs Julia Gall, draper, furniture dealer, grocer & beer retailer, Newport St.
1913-1919 — George H Sanderson, beer retailer, 40 Newport Street
1922 — George Rawlings, beer retailer, 40 Newport Street
1926-1937 — Arthur Earnshaw, beer retailer, 40 Newport Street
1940 — Mrs L Earnshaw, ale & porter stores, 40-42 Newport Street
1961 — C Frow, Off licence 40 Newport Street
1965-1985 — Newport Beer & Wine Stores, 40 Newport Street


There may have been two separate off-licenses in Hungate but I am presuming that all the references refer to the same address:

1915-1920 — R Ellerby, ale & porter stores & beer dealer, Hungate
1931-1932 — Sergeant & Co. ale & porter stores, Hungate
1932 — Eric Stewart Ellerby held an off licence
1933-1937 — Richard Ellerby ale & stout merchant, Hungate
1938 — Sergeant & Co. ale & porter stores, Hungate
1961 — H Walmsley, Off licence Hungate

Ernest Hunt (son of Charles the brewer) also held a beer wines and spirits licence in 1932.

Wines & Spirits Merchants


1822-1835 — William Ashton, Wine & spirit merchant, Fleetgate. N.B. In 1835 ‘the old established Wine, Spirit and General business of Mr Ashton (situated along Fleetgate)’ was offered for sale (Hull Packet 25 September 1835).

1892-1913 — Arthur Brummitt, chemist and wine & spirit merchant, Fleetgate
Arthur was a druggist who was also a photographer, and pulled teeth (now no.47 Fleetgate)

High Street, no.35

1882-1905 — Richard Fox Smith, chemist & druggist, wine & spirit merchant
1932 — Emma Smith held a wines and spirits off licence.

Market Place

These references relate to at least two separate premises, as several were listed concurrently:

1835 — William Robinson, Wine & Spirit merchant, Market Place
1826-1835 — John Lunn & Co, wine & spirit merchant, Market Place
1829-1855 — John Hattersley, wine & spirit merchant and chemist, Market Place, Mrs Margaret Astrop, ale, porter, wine & spirit merchant, chemist & druggist, Market Place
1876 — Higgins & Smith, chemist, druggists and wine & spirit merchants, Market Place

1881 — Robinson Row, Market Place (census)
George Henry Smith aged 41, Great Grimsby, Head, Wine & Spirit Merchant & Chemist
Mary Teresa Smith aged 33, Lanbapley, Monmouth, Wife
George Benedict Smith aged 13, Barton on Humber, Son, Scholar
Augustine H Smith aged 12, Barton on Humber, Son, Scholar
Arthur Francis Smith aged 11, Barton on Humber, Son, Scholar
Mary Gertrude Smith aged 7, Barton on Humber, Daughter, Scholar
Cecilia Agnes Smith aged 5, Barton on Humber, Daughter, Scholar
Octavius William Smith aged 3, Barton on Humber, Son, Scholar
Robert Jubb aged 19, Keddlington, Yorkshire, Boarder, Assistant (Wine Merchant)
Hannah Eldridge aged 21, Barton on Humber, Servant, Domestic Servant

1882-1892 — George Henry Smith, chemist, druggist, wine & spirit merchant, ale & porter dealer and bottler, no.6 Market Place

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